Sawdogs is a chainsaw sculpting show we have 12 years experience in entertainment sculpting.   Chainsaw sculpting is great for fairs, parties, grand openings, fund raisers, or any other event.   Each day four or five shows can be performed.  Shows range from forty-five to ninety minutes.   Each show is a high energy, sawdust flying, and fun filled experience for the whole family. 
 We also do log furniture with and with out bark out of multiple species of wood.
Including :
 - Chairs
 - Tables
 - Bed frames
 - Coat racks
 - Lamps
 - Pot racks
 - And much more.
We also sell pieces individually or can come to a sight of your choice to carve a stump in your yard !
If you have any more questions you can contact us at
585 - 455 2174 or by email at
All of the carvings you see on this site are for sale or can be remade to order.